I <3 Girls

I love Girls, the tv show by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on HBO. She’s only 25, and maybe that’s why the series really feels fresh and fearless. Dunham has not only written the show, but is also starring it at as the slightly overweighed writer Hannah.

Hannah is 24 and lives in New York. Her parents just told her they wouldn’t support her anymore, she has no job yet but a rather kinky sexual relationship with a freaky guy.

And of course there are her girlfriends: Her beautiful and dead serious roommate Marnie, an art gallery assistant that is bored to death by her long-term relationship, the modern hippie, pot smoking and sexy as hell bohemian world traveler Jessa and the naive, twaddling virgin Shoshanna, that reflects her life with the help of Carrie, Samantha & Co out of Sex And The City.

This may sound like a quite stereotype set-up, and it’s no surprise that Dunham was a fan of Sex And The City in her teens. But Girls is different than most of these girl-shows and movies out there.

It’s not about getting married and finding your prince or being this perfect career woman or having the best sex ever. It’s about getting genital warts instead of orgasms, unpaid internships instead of real jobs and abortions instead of families.

And above that, it’s funny. Dunham is funny in a politically incorrect and kinky way you rarely find with women – at least in the entertainment industry. I’d bet my nonexistent foreskin on the fact, that in real life, many women love rude jokes and are able to deliver them.

Sometimes, the series gets a little too close to the „fat and clumsy“ humor of a Bridget Jones, but Dunham manages to turn the corner in time so far. I’ve only watched 3 episodes, but as for now, I am a fan. This show makes me laugh and relax on days I’d normally go to bed sulking and full of self pity. It does so because it shows me the ridiculousness of some girl problems – and the severity of others. For that, I can turn a blind eye on the fact that Girls is quite heteronormative and features only all american white girls, ( something Dunham wants to change in the second season).

I’ll see. Hope you too.


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