The Dan-Deacon-Experience


You know what’s the problem with many concerts in Hamburg? The audience is too fucking cool. Dancing? Yeah, a little. But only if we REALLY like the show. Cheering like mad, going crazy? Not with us, dude. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and I experienced a really, really good one on Friday. I went to see Dan Deacon from Baltimore at Molotow. The guy composes hypnotizing yet weird electronic dance tracks and is famous for his energetic live shows. So, when Sonja asked me if I’d join her for his concert, I was in immediately. I expected a lot – and he easily exceeded those expectations.

Don’t be cool. Have fun.

Right from the start he made it clear that this was going to be about participation and having fun together. He ordered us to form a big circle around the center of the dancefloor, and then he chose two people who had to compete in a dance contest, „sassy style, just think of Prince and what he would do“. After performing a while, the people were ordered to randomly pick someone out of the circle surrounding them to continue, before we all were allowed back to the dancefloor. The audience was great. Everyone took part in the game. Smiling faces everywhere. Crazy dancemoves. A lot of fun.

Follow the leader.

After dancing along to his songs for a while, we were split in two groups, and each group got a „master“. That person was asked to make dance moves that were to be repeated by the whole group. The master changed from time to time, and we did some wild synchronic dancing: Pirouettes, Pulp Fiction moves, wild jumps, moving from one side of the room to the other, pumping into each other, laughing our heads off.

Don’t stop moving (build a tunnel).

There wasn’t one second without dancing, except when he led us out of the backdoor of the club into a parking garage. Everyone who stepped out was to form a tunnel with a second person by joining the hands above the head, the next two people right behind them, so that everyone who followed would have to pass through that tunnel of joint hands, while everyone was cheering, like it was a race. I guess, it was one of the funniest things I ever did at a concert (except stagediving).

Make your own lightshow.

And then, there was this App we were asked to install before the gig. At a certain moment he asked us to get our smartphones out and start the app. The app lit the screens of the phones in different bright colours, in reaction to the sounds. At some point, the flashlights were activated as well, it was our own little, user-and-sound-generated lightshow.

After that till the end, we were just dancing. Thinking of nothing.

Because: Nothing matters when we’re dancing.


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