Foto 6

Today I’m flying to Vienna to meet three of my oldest friends. I know them all more ore less since kindergarten, and we’ve spent our teenage years together as an unbreakable team. When I look back to those days I am really grateful to have grown up with such great people around me, that got me through my teenage years without any major crisis but lots of innocent fun activities.

Now, years and years later, we all live in different cities and have different lifestyles. One of us already is a mother. But we still see each other a couple of times a year, and this time, we even go on a short trip to Budapest together. I can tell you, it wasn’t easy to find a date that suited us all. But he have found one, and this weekend will be ours, to celebrate our friendship and be full of nostalgia about our teenage days!

I may get hit for posting the picture above, but luckily, some of them aren’t on the internet a lot and won’t see it. That will be a nice change as well. (Nothing against my geek friends, though).

(And yes, the girl on the right side is me, and no, I don’t know why the hell I thought that this looks good)

But get ready to see some awesome pics of Budapest on this blog or on Les Flâneurs.


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